Project report on comparative study of mutual funds of different different companies

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A Study on Corporate Banking-Project financing including Comparative Analysis on ULIPs Vs Mutual Funds.

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Impact of banking services on Indian economy. Importance and relevance of Financial Inclusion. among customers: comparison among different age groups can also be. a comparative analysis of mutual funds with life insurance ppt, comparative study between mutual funds and general insurance, project on comparative study of mutual funds, comparative analysis of insurance products.

Project Report On Comparative Study Of Mutual Funds Of Different Different Companies “PROJECT REPORT SYNOPSIS” Title of the project: “A Study on Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund and Other Investment Options” Working title- “A Study on Comparative Analysis of Mutual Fund and Other Investment Options” Purpose- The main purpose of doing this project was to know about mutual fund.


For this purpose a sample of open-type mutual funds run by 9 management companies was taken. returns for five portfolios of international mutual funds. The study was conducted for three periods:, and conditioning information in evaluating the performance of mutual funds.

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Project report on comparative study of mutual funds of different different companies
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Comparative Analysis Between Insurance Products and Mutual Funds