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Belle and Sebastian

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Another major change soon took place when Belle and Sebastian left Jeepster and Matador to sign with After spending the early part of recording with Tony Hoffer, the group released Write About Love on October 12 of Write About Love performed well -- it peaked at eight on the U.K.

charts and at 15 on Billboard in the U.S. -- and. Apparently, each copy of Belle and Sebastian's new album Write About Love has a code that you can enter on the Matador site. All you have to do is “Write words about LOVE.

Belle and Sebastian: Write About Love - review

Why you love. Music News and Reviews. The latest music news and reviews from the top music websites on the web including Rolling Stone, Billboard, and more. Belle And Sebastian - Write About Love () Retail CD.

See Also: Music Videos. Torrent. Raid-Rush. Average Review: Description. This is a good B and S album. Okay, it is not "Sinister" (but let's be honest, hoping that B and S are going to return to the sound of that fragile masterpiece is a bit like wishing that Neil Hannon will remake.

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Belle and sebastian write about love review
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