A description of the reebok company

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Reebok sold its Frye ten subsidiary in. Shop Reebok for women's workout shoes, clothes and gear. Get in shape with our fitness tops, bottoms, sneakers, and more. Free shipping on all orders $49+.

Reebok INTRODUCTION OF THE FIRM History Reebok started in by Paul B. Fireman. Fireman was first interested in Reebok when he saw some British athletic shoes that were made by Reebok International, the European company.

The company, a subsidiary of Germany's adidas AG, has long been at home in sporting arenas as a top US maker of athletic shoes. In addition to its namesake sportswear and accessories, Reebok caters to hockey aficionados through its Canadian Reebok-CCM Hockey division, and its Sports Licensed abrasiverock.comon: 25 DRYDOCK AVE STE E, BOSTON,MA.

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Reebok International Ltd.

Reebok Sublite Side Zip Composite Toe Boots (Coyote) Whether you’re rappelling in behind enemy lines or making your fifth caffeine run for the company warfighter exercise, Reebok’s Sublite Side Zip Composite Toe boots will be your constant companion for all-day comfort and safety.

Reebok’s Sublite foam midsole. About Reebok International Ltd. Reebok International feels comfortable stepping out onto any surface. The company, a subsidiary of Germany's adidas AG, has long been at home in sporting arenas as a top US maker of athletic shoes.

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